AU seeks solutions to gain respect from Western counterparts

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The African Union executive council has begun its two day meeting at the AU headquarters in Ethiopia.

The council is preparing for the upcoming AU summit at the end of the month where South African President Jacob Zuma is expected to lead his country’s delegation.

The AU Commission wants African leaders to decide how to command respect from its external partners like the United States.

African Foreign affairs ministers will spend two days deciding the agenda that African leaders will deliberate on when they meet later this month.

Top AU officials want them to consider how the continent will address what they call disrespect from US president Donald Trump.

Chairperson AU Commission, Moussa Faki Mahamat elaborates: “Through the messages of despise, of hatred and the desire to marginalise and exclude Africa and the statements like those on Jerusalem and the reduction of the contribution to the peacekeeping operations budget in the world; and also leaders to believe that multilateralism is facing a serious crisis and the continent cannot keep quite about this.”

Solidifying self-dependence will also be a key issue.

The AU Commission says African member states have already started contributing to the continent’s peace fund, but more ought to be done.

Mahamat says, “In the financial year 2017 we have reduced the contribution of the partners to 74% to the programme budget. For the budget 2018, the share of the partners will be only 59% which represents substantive progress.”

The United Nations Economic Commission for Africa says that nearly half the population of Africa believes that African governments have either failed or been unable to address the effects of corruption. It has challenged African leaders to action.

Executive Secretary UN Commission for Africa, Vera Songwe,  says “The question is what do we do next? How many countries will decide in this year of fighting corruption that they will resolutely sign the agreements? How many countries in Africa will ensure that transfer of resources outside the continent is legislated and transparent?”

South Africa is seen as one of the states that is successfully implementing anti-corruption policies.

South Africa’s role in the African Union is key especially in peace and Security in the Southern African region.

At the summit President Jacob Zuma is expected to lead the South African Delegation.