The African Transformation Movement (ATM) remains pegged to reintroducing the death penalty. Addressing a youth gathering in the Eastern Cape, the founder of the organisation, Sisa Nonqgunga said the party is resolute in its stand.

The ATM is certain it will take over governance in the Eastern Cape. The party says it is looking to restore peace, morality and ethics in the country.

The party says there is nothing sinister about their call for peace and the return of the death penalty.

“There is nothing wrong with that … If you kill, you must face consequences. The people will not be killed by us but God,” Nonqgunga defends.

Members said the party’s principles attracted them to the party.

ATM member, Monica Xoki says ,”There is crime and immorality all round. What attracted me here is the call for peace.”

Another member Andile Twenani says “I was attracted by the values of the ATM which is peace and transformation”.

The party is adamant it will govern the Eastern Cape despite fears of vote rigging.

Nongqunga has also called for the establishment of a new body to oversee elections, saying they believe the African National Congress (ANC) has captured the IEC.

“We will beat the ANC even if there is rigging of this king. To them it is fair that the deceased people may be resurrected on that day and vote for ANC, Then one would wonders, how free and fair are we expecting this elections to be and you start to wonder what is the relationship between the ANC and the IEC.”