ATM says it will address service delivery issues and deal with crime if elected into power

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The African Transformation Movement (ATM) says if it is voted into power in the upcoming local government elections, it will address challenges in the delivery of basic services such as roads, water and sanitation.

Party President,  Vuyolwethu Zungula embarked on a campaign in Bloemfontein on Friday.

It will be the first time that the party contests the local government elections in November.

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Zungula says they are vying for votes in all nine provinces.

“It can’t be that roads are not maintained, there’s a lack of sanitation, there’s lack of water and people are living in two-roomed houses. It can’t be in 2021 we still subject people to live in two-roomed houses. So for us as ATM, is to make sure that we provide basic services, we deal with crime and we make sure that people are economically active so that they get to live dignified lives,” says Zungula.

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