Articulating the party’s vision African Transformation Movement (ATM) leader Vuyo Zungula said his party would be pushing to ensure that South Africans are participants rather than observers in the economy.

He was speaking in Mndeni, Soweto, where he held a regional assembly with his party’s Johannesburg structure.

“The informal economy is dominated by foreign nationals. You have got part of the economy that is worth four hundred billion rands which is not in the hands of South Africans. That is why you have got huge unemployment levels, huge poverty levels because South Africans are mere spectators in their own economy.”

“Now what we are saying as the ATM is that if around Africa there is specific legislation that protects that part of the economy for its citizens, it must be the same for South Africans. It can’t be that when you go to Joburg more often than not you will find a restaurant that is not owned by a South African, when you go to a restaurant the waiter will be someone who is not South African.”