ATM to prioritise reducing crime if voted into power: Zungula

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African Transformation Movement (ATM) leader Vuyo Zungula has told supporters in Bloemfontein in the Free State that crime, economic participation and education will be the party’s priority if it is voted into government.

He says the party wants God fearing leaders in government and not criminals. Party members conducted a door-to-door campaign in Phase 4 in Bloemfontein.

Zungula has described the upcoming elections as a matter of life and death, explaining that the return of the ANC to power will kill the people. He told his supporters that they need to be uncomfortable with poverty.

Zungula says for a country rich in minerals, it is an injustice that millions live in abject poverty.

He says it will be a dark day if the party that has led people into unemployment and load shedding is voted back into power.

“If the ANC government comes back into power after the 29th of May, it is certain death for the majority of our citizens. We currently have people across our country committing suicide because of poverty. Poverty that is being deliberately done by the ANC. We currently have people that are losing their livelihoods and their lives because of load shedding, the very same load shedding that is caused by the ANC.”

The ATM leader says education remains a priority and should be free from grade 1 to the first degree. He announced that under his party, the country will open universities that focus on mining and energy in Free State, North West, Northern Cape and Gauteng, because these provinces have minerals.

Zungula says his party has the political will to make a change.

“ATM has the political will to solve the problems that we have in the country because we’ve clearly positioned ourselves as a party that provides solutions from load shedding to ensuring that power stations are serviced. To dealing with crime decisively, so that all criminals know that there’s no space for them in our society. When it comes to prioritising South Africans in the job market and businesses to ensure that all businesses in the country, must be run by South Africans and we are not compromising on that.”

As part of his campaign, Zungula also met with the Barolong boo Seleka Royal council in Thaba Nchu.