A group of African Transformation Movement (ATM) members has written to the Independent Electoral Commission (IEC) to demand that it deregister the party,  claiming it was registered by the current leadership fraudulently.

A breakaway group met in Cape Town this week, where it took a resolution to deregister the party ahead of the election and seek corporation with the African National Congress (ANC).

Leaders of the breakaway group say ATM was registered under the constitution of its organisation the African Transformation Congress (ATC).

They say the ATM, which was supposed to have been a political desk of the ATC, has no constitution and therefore was not supposed to have been registered as a party.

Their letter is now on its way to the IEC to demand deregistration.

ATC secretary general Sydwell Nqulwane emphasised that ATM should be dissolved, ” the council decided to dissolve the ATM because we discovered that actually, the ATM does not represent the interest of the council.”

The ATC has confirmed that efforts to forge corporation with the ANC are also underway.

Nqulwane says “As a general secretary, I was given the mandate to go and sit down with the leadership of the ANC and negotiate with them. we will come to the media after I have engaged with the leadership of the ANC to give them the direction.”

Numerous attempts to get hold of the ATM’s spokesperson failed. But the ATM leadership is already campaigning for next month’s election and has already announced its premier candidates.