ATM accuses ANC of infiltrating its party

Vuyolwethu Zungula
Reading Time: 2 minutes

The African Transformation Movement (ATM) has accused the ANC of infiltrating its party in an effort to weaken it ahead of the elections.

The party is alleging members from the ATC who wrote to the IEC requesting the ATM to be deregistered were in fact sent by the ruling party.

ATC member, Sydwell Ngqulwane, says that the ATM manifesto does not represent them.

“If you look at the manifesto of the ATM, it does not represent us. That’s why we had this conference and took a resolution to deregister the party and look for a political home.”

An ANC Trojan horse, that’s where the ATM is pinning the developments of its breakaway group on. ATM leader, Vuyolwethu Zungula says that the ANC wants to create the impression that there is infighting within the party.

“They want to create that perception that the ATM is already infighting. This person mentions the ANC six of times; we believe these things have the hand of the ANC.”

Despite a lack of supporting evidence, the party alleges the political interference was also directed at other parties.

The Congress of the People has also made similar statements. COPE blamed its decline in votes on a suspected meddling hand by the ruling party.

The ANC has mocked these allegations, calling them amusing. Spokesperson Pule Mabe says that people blame their party failures on the ANC.

“People go out and form political parties, when they fail to find each other it must be the fault of the ANC.”

Parading its newly joined COPE members and the expelled and controversial former AGANG leader Michael Tshishonga, ATM says it’s unfazed by the alleged interference and will emerge as a contender in the polls.