Artists to protest against sections of the Copyright Amendment Bill

Copyright Law.
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Composers, writers, and publishers will take to the streets of Cape Town on Tuesday morning to express their unhappiness about certain sections of the Copyright Amendment Bill.

The march from Kaizergracht to the Cape Town station where President Cyril Ramaphosa is officiating a PRASA event will take place under the banner of the Trade Union for Musicians of South Africa (TUMSA).

General Secretary of TUMSA, Gabi Le Roux says the march forms part of various efforts aimed at stopping the president from signing the Bill into law as it is.

He says at the centre of discontent is a section of the copyright regulation that refers to what is defined as ‘fair use’ of copyright work for educational and research purposes.

“It’s a legal march in cooperation with COSATU, and our memorandum states very clearly that we believe the bill in its current draft is unconstitutional, unrepresentative and leans heavily towards user rights with very little additional protection for creator and composers’ rights.”

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