Sport, Arts and Culture Minister Nathi Mthethwa says performing artists are allowed to produce their content in production playhouses for streaming, but only under strict lockdown regulations and a compliance officer must be appointed to ensure adherence to the regulations.

He was addressing the media in Pretoria on Saturday as the country moves to lockdown Level 3 on Monday.

He says that MECs countrywide have committed R50 million in total to the relief fund, which is now at over R200 million.

In the Arts and Culture sector, an appeals process has been set up to deal with the artists and athletes who did not qualify for funding relief.

Mthethwa also added that a number of freelance artists have applied for the COVID-19 Relief Fund, saying many others are benefitting from the fund.

Mthethwa says all hygiene and social distancing protocols must be adhered to.

The infographic below shows regulations under lockdown Level 3