Army presence in Western Cape making a difference: Fritz

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Western Cape Community Safety Minister Albert Fritz says it appears as if there is a push back by gangsters following the deployment of the army on the Cape Flats. He, however, remains concerned about two areas where an African National Congress (ANC) volunteer and a police constable were killed in the past week.

On Thursday, ANC volunteer and activist, Cynthia Aphane was gunned down while walking her child to school in Valhalla Park on the Cape Flats. Last Sunday, three police constables came under attack in Delft during which one was shot and killed.

Fritz says despite ongoing challenges, the army’s presence has brought stability to some gang-infested areas.

“For us the signal was sent out, the gangs are saying we are going to fight back, this is our territory and all these activists are going to be targeted and it was further amplified in the Delft shooting of the police officer who was killed when they openly shot at police unprovoked saying to authorities, ‘we are still in charge here and who do you think you are’?. Most of our areas are very quiet still so that’s a very great sign.”

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