Former African National Congress (ANC) Member of Parliament, Andrew Feinstein believes Wednesday’s judgment, to set aside the findings of the Seriti Commission, will pave the way for the prosecution of those involved.

Feinstein continuously raised issues around the arms deal in Parliament and insisted that the Seriti commission was flawed.

He says he believes that Judge Willie Seriti had deliberately exonerated those who were accused of corruption in the deal.

Feinstein says the High Court ruling makes it very difficult for anyone, including Judge Seriti himself, to challenge it.

He says, “I’ve based that on the fact that a number of people who worked for the commission, resigned and stated publicly the commission’s intention from the outset seemed to be to ensure that they found no evidence of corruption in the arms deal and that they discredited the so-called critics of the arms deal.”

“Given the content and the nature of the judgment that has been agreed by a full bench of the high court this morning (Wednesday), it would be extremely difficult for anyone including Judge Seriti to argue any different,” Feinstein adds.

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