Archbishop Makgoba calls for Zuma’s removal

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Anglican Archbishop of Cape Town Thabo Makgoba has called on the new African National Congress (ANC) leadership to remove Jacob Zuma as President of the country.

Makgoba used his Christmas midnight sermon to send a strong message to the ANC.

He says he cannot see how two centres of power in government and the ANC can collaborate when their values are diametrically opposed to each other.

Makgoba says Ramaphosa’s pronouncement on corruption is a clear indication that he needs to deal with the issue of Zuma.

“I cannot see how the ANC will make a clean break with the past and set SA on a new course unless new leaders act boldly and quickly to replace Zuma as president and to follow up with carefully targeted cabinet reshuffle.”

He has also rebuked President Zuma for what he says is his role in bringing the country’s economy down.

He says the economy is floundering while unemployment is rising.

Makgoba also says Zuma’s henchmen who are losing influence are making desperate attempts to loot what they can before their time is up.

“President Zuma and his cohorts have been behaving as of treasury is their own. But they don’t own the treasury. The resources of the treasury are the property of t all South Africans to be deployed for the common good. Not for the interests of the few.”