ARA party eyes one million votes in national general elections

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The Africa Restoration Alliance (ARA) party says it’s expecting a million votes in the upcoming national general elections.

ARA president Jerome Swartz says the party will participate nationally, and provincially to help change the lives of South Africans.

Addressing the party’s rally at Norman Dubel Hall in Heidedal, Free State, Dr Swartz urges residents to vote for his party as their narrative is not influenced by external forces.

“If jobs are available and you don’t want to work you must actually be imprisoned and when you’re in prison then look after the needs of your family while being incarcerated. Because the problem is that people want jobs, others are not serious about jobs. Many people are looking for jobs and those who are looking for jobs do not have access to jobs. … If we can deal with jobs, we can deal with crime. More people working less crime.”

The party’s supporters say they are pinning their hopes on the African Restoration Alliance to bring changes. Some of them had this to say.

“I think it best to vote for ARA because when you look at our government at the moment there’s nothing they are doing for us as young people. If you can go to my region in Phase 7 and look at roads, toilets, and water there’s nothing. So for change, I think it right time – it is a risk we know but it’s high time that for a better life,” says one supporter.

Another one adds, “The most important thing for us the people or the community is to vote ARA. ARA is going to bring development within our community. Where I’m staying there’s no infrastructure. There’s nothing and it’s years I’ve been staying in Mafora – Caleb Motshabi. There’s no infrastructure in Mafora.”

He says his party is independent and self-funded.

Swartz says they can’t wait any longer to solve the country’s problems. ARA leader says the country needs radical change and they have strong and grounded leaders in the ARA.