Lawyers representing former president Jacob Zuma say the application to have his medical parole set aside is a political agenda aimed at violating the rights of the 79-year-old.

The Helen Suzman Foundation, the DA and lobby group AfriForum have approached the High Court in Pretoria in a bid to review and set aside Correctional Services Commissioner Arthur Fraser’s decision.

VIDEO: Zuma medical parole challenged in court

Lawyers representing the applicants have argued that the decision to grant former President Jacob Zuma medical parole was unlawful. Zuma was sentenced to 15 months imprisonment in July this year and was granted medical parole in August after he was hospitalised.

“The reason why this application is being brought by political organisations is to peruse a political agenda. While they are claiming their human rights interests, they are here arguing in court asking for the rights of Mr Zuma to be violated. One of which is the right to privacy and the privacy of his medical records not be splashed across newspapers. What they are really seeking to do is humiliate Mr Zuma and ensure that he only comes out of prison when he is about to die and that is wrong,” says Zuma’s lawyer Thabani Masuku.

FILE VIDEO: Former President Jacob Zuma placed on medical parole