Another splinter faction from the National Freedom Party (NFP), launched its manifesto in Durban earlier today.  The newly formed African People’s Movement  (APEMO) hopes to do well in the upcoming municipal elections.

APEMO, one of the several NFP breakaway parties, is contesting wards in six provinces, including KwaZulu-Natal and Gauteng.  It will be fielding 500 candidates.

Some of the APEMO leaders include former NFP Deputy President Alec Kekana, who is now the treasurer-general of the new party.

While, APEMO President  Vikizitha Mlotshwa is the former chairperson of the NFP in KwaZulu-Natal.

The party is calling for an audit of state-owned land.

Mlotshwa says business people should be able to lease state-owned land at municipal level to boost local economies.

“The land audit to be conducted in the state land, not Ingonyama Trust because the land in the Ingonyama Trust there is something that is going on in terms of distribution with regards to land audit. We want to achieve that each resident must be given title deeds, those land must be given to people so that they will be able to rent so municipality won’t survive on grants from the department. Therefore giving land to the people, definitely if somebody has been given land he or she will contribute towards the municipality.”

Mlotshwa says councillors who move out of the community they were elected to serve, will be forced to resign.

“The APEMO stance is simply if you are voted in Ward 2 you must remain for the duration of five years in Ward 2. Should you move to reside somewhere else you will be compelled to resign before you move. We cannot tolerate such a thing because the community voted you to that particular ward not somewhere else. ”

Mlotshwa says his party will ensure the communities they serve have a voice.

“APEMO is committed to serving the needs of all our people. We as servant leaders emphasise the use of openness, transparency and persuasion rather than control or imposing our own decisions on the community. We need not do that comrade.”

APEMO, like other new political parties, says it will be working hard to gain the trust of voters.