APC, Residents Association to collaborate in upcoming elections

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The African People’s Convention (APC) and the Better Residents Association in Bushbuckridge, Mpumalanga, have signed a memorandum of understanding ahead of this year’s national elections. The agreement will see the two parties collaborating for the elections.

APC’s President Themba Godi says this is one of many partnerships they are going to sign before the elections in May this year.

Godi has expressed his confidence in the partnership formed with the Better Residents Association. The APC lost its seat in Parliament in the previous general elections.

However, they are represented in a few municipalities in Mpumalanga and other provinces such as Limpopo

“Our coming together is part of efforts as the APC to consolidate our support base here in Bushbuckridge and Mpumalanga in the short term. The objective is to work together to mobilse support for the APC, to emerge in the elections, BRA did not register for the elections, they have members who are citizens of this country who must participate in the process. It was only logical for them to work with us for the success of the APC in the coming elections. ”

BRA President Delta Mokoena says he is hoping to work with the APC beyond the national elections. Mokoena says he believes that this is going to be a long-term partnership.

“Signing this memorandum between BRA and APC is to make sure that we get down and encourage our supporters and members of BRA to vote under APC. This year we agree that we will go hand in hand so that we can fight this enemy on the 29 of May.”

The residents of Bushbuckridge and surrounding areas believe this collaboration between the two parties will solve the challenges around service delivery.

The residents claim that for the past 20 years they have never had electricity and proper road infrastructure. Some of the residents are hopeful that they going to get jobs if Godi goes back to Parliament.

Both parties embarked on campaign trails after the signing of the memorandum of understanding. Reporting by Oupa Masilela