APC ready for 2019 elections

Themba Godi
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The president of the African People’s Convention (APC), Themba Godi, says his organisation is ready for the 2019 general elections. Godi has been addressing members of the APC during a provincial general council being held in Mbombela, Mpumalanga.

Members of the APC gathered to discuss ways to attract voters in the 2019 general elections. Speaking at the gathering, the president of the APC says the organisation is doing a great job in ensuring that it remains relevant to voters.

He says their main objective is to have representation in the country’s provincial legislatures.

“The APC is ready, we have put in place task forces in all provinces. We have monthly campaign programs, which have been unfolding since May and they have been going very very well. The people that you see here in the main are the people who are doing the actual door to door campaign on the ground. So we will be speaking to people so that we can sharpen the focus on the message of the organisation.”

Godi says the APC is aware of all the challenges experienced by residents, especially in the Mpumalaga province.

“There is a total lack of services to the people, shown by the endless service protests that we have seen in places like Kanyamazane, in many areas in Bushbuckridge, where people blockaded roads, destroyed property because they were fed up with this lack of services. The budgets are there to provide water, to build roads but that money does not service the people, it ends up in the pockets of corrupt administrators and politicians.”

The APC also discouraged the destruction of public property during service delivery protests.