APC president confident of National Assembly presence after 2024 elections

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The president of the African People’s Convention (APC), Themba Godi, is adamant that his party will be represented in the National Assembly after the 2024 national elections.

The party’s support dipped below 20 000 at the 2019 polls, resulting in the loss of a seat in parliament.
As the party celebrates its 16th anniversary, themed the year of the branches, it aims to work the ground to ensure a victory at next year’s polls. And part of the party’s programme is to prepare to contest the 2024 national and provincial elections.

The party says it has learnt from its past mistakes and will ensure they win a seat in parliament.

Godi says, “The most important thing is that we have been working hard, we have not been sitting on our laurels, and so far, the strength of our structures and the way we have been doing our work in a systematic way give us the confidence that not only will we be represented in the national assembly but in the provincial legislatures.” 

The party says it would be willing to go into a coalition with like-minded people who have the interests of the people at heart.

“The APC will not be isolated; it will be there and be part of whatever final coalition that we are comfortable with. However, the bottom line for us is the developmental agenda. What is it that brings us together? In the absence of which we may not be interested, and some of the weaknesses in the local coalitions that we have are the absence of a political programme and I can tell you that some of our experiences is that these big parties’ are the ones who are in these coalitions just to loot, with no interest whatsoever in serving the people,” says Godi.

Meanwhile, some friends of the party that were in attendance offered messages of support.

PAC Secretary General Apa Pooe says, “Our message is that of solidarity; it is time that we consolidate as Africans; it’s time we come together. We are here to call on APC to be part of the liberation front that includes former liberation movements, African political parties, and socialist political parties.” 

The party says since its existence, it has managed to assist traditional leaders to get better salaries, help land claimants and people living in the mining communities, and serve at SCOPA with diligence in parliament for 15 years.

We have learnt from our past mistakes: APC President: