APC leader promises much-needed change

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African People’s Convention (ACP) leader, Themba Godi promised his party will enact much-needed change in the country. He was on the election stump in Vosloorus on Saturday.

Godi is hopeful his party will attain a million votes.

A resounding welcome for African People’s Convention leader, Themba Godi as these potential voters say they are tired of other political parties who have not kept their promises.

“ We have been supporting these political parties but no change. We hope Godi will do something for us,” says APC member.  Another lamented “I’ve been staying here for a long time, but there is no change in our community.”

A resident of Vosloorus says, “Our hope solely lies with Themba Godi. We hope he gives us the land we have all been waiting for.”

Themba Godi says the APC is home to everyone.

“This is the target we have set for ourselves and the effort is that of the task forces on the ground it’s something I can’t explain or describe in words and the momentum that I see in provinces like Limpopo, your KZN, your Eastern Cape, your Free State. It’s quite amazing and very humbling for me as a leader to see our members giving their all,” says Godi.

For now, the baton is in the hands of the voters. The APC can only hope it’s message has found resonance throughout the country.