APC gears up for 2021 local elections

Themba Godi
Reading Time: 2 minutes

Despite not having a seat in Parliament, the African People’s Convention (APC) is gearing up for the 2021 local government elections. The party, which was dealt a blow at the polls during the national and provincial elections in May, says it will not be moved, but will continue to preach the gospel of Africanism.

The party is holding a two day Central Executive Committee meeting in Johannesburg.

Leader, Themba Godi, says the May election results do not reflect the APC.

“That which was reported at the IEC centre is theirs and it doesn’t reflect us because you were there and you’re still here. And that’s why we are here now today in numbers alive with energy. And we’ll still be here; that they throw our votes away is their problem, not our problem.”

Godi says the state of the economy is getting worse under President Cyril Ramaphosa.

“The ANC, based on the Freedom Charter, has ruled for the past 25 years and has clearly failed. We are in a worst position now under Ramaphosa more than that of Zuma. And all those state entities that they inherited from the boers, the ANC is systematically destroying them and they are going to sell them.”