Another political party has been formed months before the provincial and national elections scheduled for next year.

The National People’s Front is led by its interim leader Bheki Gumbi, the former national deputy chairperson of the National Freedom Party (NFP) of Zanele kaMagwaza-Msibi.

Gumbi has since resigned from the NFP.

He says the party has now been registered with the Independent Electoral Commission(IEC) and they have representation in six provinces.

Gumbi says they will be holding a consultative meeting in Mkhondo in Mpumalanga this weekend to discuss the party’s launch.

He says they will fight for the rights of ordinary people in society.

He says: “We have traditional leaders called Izinduna. In the rural areas you find those people are getting paid but in areas such as Gauteng and KZN they don’t get paid but they doing a lot of work to protect people. We also going to focus on people in informal settlements. It is winter now and people are dying due to fires and nobody cares.”