Police in Pretoria are investigating a case of murder after a fourth body, believed to be of a homeless man, was discovered in Sunnyside on Tuesday morning. This death follows three discoveries of bodies of homeless men in the capital city.

Police have urged all homeless people to remain vigilant and sleep in groups, as it appears like they are being targeted. The latest victim suffered serious head injuries.

Police spokesperson Daniel Mavimbela has called anyone with information that may lead to arrests to contact the police.

“While police are working tirelessly; they have always reiterated the plea to remain vigilant and sleep in groups following the discovery of a fourth dead body of a man, believed to be homeless in a pavement of a corner of Justice and Troy street on Tuesday morning. The exact cause of death and the motive behind the most recent killing are the  subject of investigation.”

Sunnyside police in Pretoria are calling upon relevant stakeholders to intensify efforts to ensure the safety of homeless people.