Another building fire in Joburg

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Johannesburg Emergency Services managed to extinguish another building that caught fire in Hillbrow, Johannesburg, last night.

Investigations conducted clarified that a two-bedroom flat caught fire because of an unattended stove.

Johannesburg Emergency spokesperson Nana Radebe-Kgiba confirmed that there are no casualties and urged people to be careful with electrical appliances.

“We do urge residents to take precautions when cooking and using the stove, please make sure that you switch it off and do not leave heaters unattended.”

On Friday, firefighters responded to yet another building fire in Joburg, the fourth structural blaze in less than a month.

Joburg Emergency Services said one of the shops at the Metro Mall in Newtown caught fire.

VIDEO: On Wednesday, the South African Revenue Service building caught light and the storeroom was gutted in Marshalltown.

VIDEO: Three weeks ago, at least 73 people died after a fire engulfed a five-storey building in the Johannesburg CBD