Annual Innibos Festival kicks off in Mbombela

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The annual Innibos Festival in Mbombela, Mpumalanga, has officially kicked-off with a carnival walk and parades.

The festival – which boosts the province’s economy – has also created part-time jobs for the unemployed youth in the area.

Innibos spokesperson Sandra Jacobs says they are expecting more than 100 000 people to attend. This year’s theme is ‘Dis hoe ons rol’ – or ‘That’s how we roll’.


Traffic on the streets around the City of Mbombela came to a halt. Different cultural groups as well as members of the South African National Defence Force paraded through the streets, providing colour on the first day of the annual Innibos National Festival.

Over the years, the festival has grown – with an increase in the number of activities both in and outside the festival venue.

The organisers are optimistic that this year’s festival will boost the city’s economy, especially the hospitality sector.

Ticket sales are up by 20% on the first day compared to last year.

The festival intends to inject between R70 to 80 million to the city of Mbombela. Over 300 artists are billed to showcase their best work.

Jacobs is optimistic about this year’s economic spin-offs from the festival.

“There are more than 300 artists performing on our main stage concerts and in our theatre production we have wonderful art exhibition that people can visit. We are really excited that this year will be a very big year we have already seen a 20% in ticket sales. Last year the festival was a huge economic role in the local economy with an impact of R70 and 80 million, with the increase tickets sale we believe the economic impact might be bigger”

The Innibos has been voted the best festival in the country – three years running.

The festival runs until Saturday.