Anni Dewani‘s killer is hoping to be released from jail soon. Zola Tongo was sentenced to 18 years in jail in December 2010 for shooting the young bride in Gugulethu.

She was on honeymoon with her husband Shrien Dewani in the Mother City. Tongo, who fetched the couple from the airport, had identified Shrien as the mastermind behind the murder.

Shrien Dewani, a British businessman, was acquitted of the murder and returned to his country.

Tongo would have served half of his prison term in September this year and would automatically be considered for parole.

The Western Cape Commissioner for Correctional Services, Delekile Klaas says they met with Anni’s family for the first time on Thursday. They are in South Africa to make representations to the parole board.

The family still wants clarity on several unanswered questions on what happened in November 2010.

On Thursday, the family will be submitting the victim impact statement to the parole board. The Parole Board will meet in June to make its recommendation.