Former United Nations Secretary-General, Kofi Annan says that as the world changes, it is up to the youth to ensure that this change is one that will bare a positive influence in the World. Annan was speaking on Thursday at the Sandton Convention Centre in Johannesburg, where the One Young World summit is currently underway. Annan says that the world is going through a period of change which has been influenced by ICT and social media. The Nobel Peace prize laureate says the world has become a smaller place due to technology. Annan says that as a community of world leaders they are prepared for the generational change. Annan says he is of the view that his generation of leaders have not been as effective in bringing a positive change to the World. The youth have been urged to think globally, while acting locally. He told delegates: “Be the change you want to be. Change takes time. The youth have the tools, the courage and the organization.”

The conference kicked off Wednesday night and will for the next two days bring world leaders into varied dialogues with delegates from 190 countries. Issues affecting the youth which range from education, sport and society, sustainable development, youth unemployment, human rights, leadership, and transparency amongst others will be brought to the fore.

– By Luvuyo Mdeni