Residents from Wentworth and surrounding areas, south of Durban, have threatened to shut down operations at the Engen refinery should the management not heed their demands.

The residents are protesting outside the refinery gates. They want Engen to set up a relief fund following an explosion and fire at the refinery last week.

At least 7 people were injured due to the fire.

The protesters also demand that Engen set up a 24-hour clinic in the area.

The video below reports on previous calls for Durban oil refinery to shut down: 

People living on the fenceline of industries in the South Durban basin have long been at odds with such companies.

South Durban Community Environmental Alliance spokesperson, Desmond D’sa, says Engen must take full responsibility for the incident.

“They are refusing to accept the responsibility for the explosion. Secondly, we believe that they should set up a relief fund to deal with all the houses and people that are traumatised. Here, we are looking for 24-hour clinic services set up in the area. Well, this is the beginning of what action we will be taking – to close them down completely,” explains D’sa.

Resident describes oil refinery explosion in Wentworth: