‘Andrew Louw was fired from the DA before joining ActionSA’: DA

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The Democratic Alliance says former Northern Cape party leader, Andrew Louw, was suspended from the party last week following gross misconduct before he quit and joined ActionSA.

Louw says more DA members in the province are set to join ActionSA. Before his resignation last week, Louw dismissed rumours that he was courting ActionSA.

The DA’s spokesperson, Cilliers Brink.

“Andrew Louw was suspended from the DA last week on fairly serious charges of dishonesty and misconduct and this was pending the outcome of a disciplinary hearing. The next day Mr. Louw announced to a journalist that he would cross the floor to ActionSA. One can make a number of assumptions about why he chose to leave instead of making his case, before a disciplinary hearing none of them favourable to Mr. Louw.”