The Africa National Congress Youth League (ANCYL) says it supports the decision of the ANC to recall President Jacob Zuma.

In an exclusive interview with the SABC, the league which has been a staunch supporter of Zuma, says the country cannot be held to ransom, and Zuma needs to abide by the decision of the National Executive Committee.

Earlier on Wednesday, Zuma said the NEC treated him unfairly as it had not been given a proper explanation for his recall.

The league’s president Collen Maine says, “What President Jacob Zuma is doing now is bordering on gambling with the future of young people in the country. We appeal to him, as a member of the ANC, to respect and abide by the decision of the ANC.”

“As painful as this decision may be, but the country and the movement cannot be held at ransom. We need to move forward. We respect President Zuma, like all other members of the ANC do.”

However, ANC said its decision to recall President Zuma is final.

This follows Zuma’s exclusive interview with the SABC in which he refused to resign despite the ANC National Executive Committee’s decision to recall him.


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