ANCYL must convene a credible national conference: Lamola

Lamola being interviewed
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African National Congress (ANC) National Executive Committee (NEC) member Ronald Lamola says the ANC Youth League must convene a credible national conference which will be a contestation of ideas, not money.

He says the previous national conference of the league was characterised by alleged irregularities.

Lamola delivered the 74th anniversary lecture of the Limpopo Youth League at the University of Venda on Thursday night.

He says: “The youth league must be able to convene a credible national conference, unlike the last one, we must convene a credible, a fraudulent forgery free conference.”

“It is our view that a proper structured youth league will be a youth league able to guide. It must be a contestation of ideas, not a contestation of money,” adds Lamola.

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