ANCYL march to offices of Northern Cape government over jobs and other issues

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About 100 ANC Youth League members marched to the offices of the Northern Cape provincial government, in Kimberley, where they handed a memorandum of grievances to Premier Dr Zamani Saul.

They demand the creation of job opportunities, an end to Gender Based Violence and for mines in the province to assist in youth development.

Traffic was brought to a standstill in the Kimberley CBD, as League members and its partners SASCO and Young Communist League marched to the offices of the provincial government.

The Northern Cape ANC Youth League chairperson says unemployment is the number one challenge, lack of skills development and GBV cases going up, the inability of the mines to invest back in the community and assist with student funding are some of the issues facing citizens of the province.

According to Stats SA latest statistics on unemployment, the Northern Cape stands at 23.2% .

Latest Stats SA survey on unemployment amongst men and women:

“Our has always been unemployed graduates because the number of graduates is very high,” says Northern Cape SASCO secretary Lesego Melesi.

Northern Cape Young Communist League Secretary Johnny Seleke says the curriculum of the colleges in the province doesn’t cater towards local economic development.

Meanwhile, the provincial government has admitted that there is no coordination concerning youth development.

Northern Cape Premier Dr Zamani Saul says, “In the Northern Cape we will have youth ministry that will focus on issues of youth.”

The ANC Youth League says it’s hopeful their demands will be addressed urgently.