ANCWL disappointed by party’s failure to formulate sexual harassment policy

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The African National Congress Women’s League (ANCWL) has expressed its disappointment with its mother body’s failure to formulate a sexual harassment policy to protect female employees.

The lack of policy was revealed during the hearing of the party’s National Spokesperson Pule Mabe when he was accused of sexually harassing his junior colleague.

The panel led by National Executive Committee (NEC) members Sdumo Dlamini and Thoko Didiza instructed the party to formulate a policy to protect staff members form alleged abusers.

However, ANC Women’s League Secretary-General Matuba Meokgo says they also expect the ANC to adhere to policies that govern the country.

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Meanwhile, the ANC has admitted that the recent allegations of sexual misconduct against two of its senior members have the potential to tarnish its reputation. The ANC has distanced itself from the Kodwa matter saying the woman must approach the authorities to investigate.

“These particular allegations do affect the party. The ANC is among the first organisations in the world to accept non-sexism as a policy and this is an anti-thesis of what we stand for. It does affect our reputation and integrity as an organisation. It’s regrettable that some of our leaders are found wanting in such allegations. To all our members and to all or people, let’s focus; lets fight gender-based violence no matter who’s involved,” says ANC Acting Spokesperson, Dakota Legoete.