ANC’s Integrity Committee to finalise hearings for members implicated in State Capture in six months: Radebe

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African National Congress (ANC) Head of Policy Jeff Radebe says that the party’s Integrity Committee has been asked to finalise hearings for party members implicated in State Capture in the next six months.

Radebe says that a cursory reading of the State Capture Report reveals an estimated 200 members have been implicated in alleged wrong-doing.

Briefing the media on Wednesday, the last of its policy discussion documents on the subject, Radebe says work will start in earnest at the end of August to verify which members must appear before the Committee.

The Zondo Commission made damning findings against the ANC, including that former and current ministers allegedly participated or encouraged looting of state resources.

Jacob Zuma

The Zondo Commission’s report found that the ANC under former President Jacob Zuma permitted, supported and enabled corruption.

In an effort to deal with these damning findings, the party has set up a task team which will be working with the ANC’s Integrity Committee to verify alleged wrong doing by about 200 members implicated in the report.

Radebe says, “Last week we met with the Integrity Commission so that we can synchronise the work of the task team and the Integrity Committee. I don’t know if you have read the Zondo Report, it is 5012 pages, so thus far the task team has been able to see about over 200 names, so which we are verifying at this present moment in time. So I suppose therefore at the time when we have identified all those and indicated it to the Secretary General’s office and the Integrity Commission the two months will start.”

The ANC has since put in place mechanisms to process the parts of the Commission’s report that relate to it and its deployees.

Step aside rule

Radebe says all NEC committees have started with this work and have submitted their reports to the Task Team, which must complete its work by the end of August.

He says, “The ANC will, among others, review its policies with respect to cadre deployment policy and practice, party funding principles, organisational discipline and accountability and parliamentary oversight.”

The contentious step- aside resolution is expected to be a sensitive issue at the policy conference.

Provinces such as KwaZulu-Natal and Mpumalanga want it scrapped, while Limpopo wants it to be reviewed but the Northern Cape supports its retention.

Radebe says, “On the issue of step aside, this is the position of the ANC that was also confirmed by the National Executive Committee, so we will hear the issues or proposals as they come. We have not at the NEC received any formal position on the issue so the position of the ANC as it stands now still stands.”

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