ANC’s Danny Msiza not available for any position

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The African National Congress (ANC) in Limpopo says its treasurer, Danny Msiza, will not avail himself for any position during the 10th provincial elective conference to be held next month.

Msiza, who was initially contesting the provincial secretary’s position, has been affected by the party’s National Executive Committee resolution that members affected by the step aside rule will no longer be eligible for contesting party positions.

The rule has also affected Provincial Executive Committee members Tally Mashamaite and Andrina Matsemela who were also contesting positions in the upcoming elective conference.

ANC provincial spokesperson, Donald Selamolela says there have three comrades who have been recently charged and step aside should be applied to them.

“Where I am seated comrade Danny he is on step aside even if branches have nominated him, I have no doubt or whatsoever that comrade Danny will not avail himself against the decision of the NEC. Every member of the African National Congress can stand a chance to be elected at any point at any level.”

Mashamaite says he will officially inform the party’s leadership of his decision to step aside before the end of the week.

“I should abide by the decision of the ANC all the time, I’m not going to contest as per decision. I will rather take this opportunity that I know that I have been nominated and thank the comrades who still have the confidence in me while agreeing with the decision of the ANC to step aside. The ANC should be cautious to those who can intentionally or deliberately destroy the future of the comrade just to make sure that the comrades get arrested and charged.”

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