ANC’s 15th Greater Johannesburg Conference still underway in Midrand

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The African National Congress’s (ANC) 15th Greater Johannesburg Conference is still continuing in Midrand North of Johannesburg, where party members have been deliberating in commissions over party matters.

The three day conference saw some delays at first, but went on to elect new leadership with Dada Morero chosen as the regional chairperson, while Simon Motha, was elected his deputy. Sasabona Manganye was elected as the secretary.

Manganye says the biggest focus will be on repositioning the party in the city and province.

Manganye added that, “We have four commissions, one on elections, the other one on organisational renewal, the other one is on the strategic outlook, and we also have got a commission that deals with reclaiming the city. We have clear intentions that we must take over the city of Johannesburg, with our coalition partners.”

Video| ANC Greater Johannesburg 15th conference under way