‘ANC’s 14th Gauteng Provincial Conference will focus on policy discussions’

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Newly-elected ANC Gauteng secretary, Thembinkosi Nciza says part of the agenda for the 14th Provincial Conference will focus on policy discussions.

The provincial secretary says the party’s discussions need to speak to the needs of the people of Gauteng.

The ANC Gauteng conference resumed in Benoni, east of Johannesburg.

The province, which elected the top five with Panyaza Lesufi emerging as chairperson two weeks ago, failed to conclude.

Nciza says the agenda includes the elections of 30 additional members, who will form the Provincial Executive Committee.

“Issues that are affecting the day-to-day lives of our people. The standard of living is very high, our people can’t afford it. We can’t leave this conference without saying part of our resolutions could be that there must be interventions for those who are unemployed. The issue of electricity and we want to make sure that we are coming with firm proposals as far as that is concerned. Issues of migration policy, illegal immigrants and how we must manage that because its affecting Gauteng.”

Nciza says that they’re confident that the party’s 14th Gauteng Conference will close in time.

He says they are working on issues that have the potential to hamper the smooth running of the conference.

The province has resumed its conference following its failure to conclude it two weeks ago, due to issues of bogus as well as quarantine votes.

He says that they have a lot to discuss including policy on issues such as energy and unemployment that are affecting their members.

“We’re very confident the conference will close tomorrow, it shouldn’t be any problem. In fact, we’re working around anything that could be a potential issue, that’s why we’re elected as leadership. We’re working hard at making sure that we’re focusing on what we came here for. If there’s one issue we’re excited about is policy positions that will be taken from this conference, whether it’s economic transformation, organisational renewal, and many others.”

ANC Gauteng conference to focus on policy discussions: