ANC workshop seeks to pave way forward to 2024 Elections build up

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Leaders of the African National Congress (ANC) from across South Africa are this weekend gathered in Boksburg, Gauteng for their National Elections workshop.

The workshop is organised by the office of the ANC’s Secretary-General, and seeks to pave a way forward building up to the 2024 General Elections.

This as the debate on the possibility of a coalition government, at both national and provincial level continues to take centre stage in the country.

Many political parties have vowed to ensure that the ANC dips below 50% of the vote, which will mean a coalition will be eminent in South Africa.

ANC leaders seek to find ways which could assist the governing party to gain a sufficient number of votes to remain in power. In the 2019 elections, the party won with 57% of votes which translated to 230 seats in parliament.

The 2024 elections, however, are coming during a critical period in the country which has been plagued with socio-economic challenges which require resolutions.