The African National Congress (ANC) Veterans League has described as “unfortunate” the party’s Secretary-General Ace Magashule’s recent claims that there wasn’t a single party officials that had not done business with the government, and has challenged him to provide evidence.

He also claimed that ANC members were using law enforcement agencies to fight battles within the party.

In the video below, Ace Magashule speaks to SABC News Reporter, Samkelo Maseko on alleged COVID-19 related corruption:

Magashule on Thursday called for an objective investigation into the alleged corruption.

“Don’t target certain people; don’t divert attention from the fact that millions and billions and trillions in this COVID-19 are actually being taken. Whenever there’s a thing [an investigation] something comes in to divert the attention from the real people who are eating; people who are thieves and who are actually making sure that they divert the attention of South Africans,” Magashule explained.

‘Implicated member must step aside’

Veterans League president Snuki Zikalala says any ANC member implicated in corruption must step aside pending the outcome of investigations.

“It’s unfortunate what the ANC SG said that there’s not even a single leader of the ANC who has not done business with government. Let him produce those names. That’s what he said at our last conference. There were people who were saying that if you talk about the moral ethics of the ANC, a number of people who are members of the ANC members of parliament will have to step down. He said, ‘So what?’ Let him point out; let him say, ‘these are the leaders of government these are cabinet ministers who are involved in tenders. These are cabinet ministers whose kids benefitted out of tenders.’ Let him state that. We are making sure that we reinforce the Integrity Commission. Any member whose been alleged to be involved in corrupt activities must step down immediately.”

Zikalala says the party’s Integrity Committee must ensure that ANC members adhere to its resolutions.

“There’s a difference between judicial morality and ethical morality. Ethical morality if there are allegations against an individual or any minister who’s been alleged to be involved in corrupt activities. We, as Veteran League and also, of course, the Nasrec resolution states it very clear … you don’t have to be charged by a court of law but in the event that whatever you have done impacts on the integrity and dignity of the ANC you must step down, investigated and clear your name. We have to make sure that the integrity committee resolutions are binding,” says Zikalala.

Political Analyst Aubrey Matsiqi discusses corruption allegations against the ANC:

This week, President Cyril Ramaphosa appointed a Ministerial Committee, headed by Justice Minister Ronald Lamola, to look into allegations of COVID-19 related corruption.