The African National Congress (ANC) says it will communicate a way forward on its suspended secretary-general Ace Magashule matter on Monday.

The party says it has noted the court papers that its suspended secretary-general has filed in the High Court in Johannesburg.

Magashule had until Friday to apologise for writing a letter suspending ANC president Cyril Ramaphosa or face disciplinary action.

Political analyst Raobaka Kalaote says the ANC is likely to take further action against Magashule.

“In as much as this can play out in a court of law, it does not say the ANC has no stand to do anything about Magashule. His suspension is still in place. There’s nothing precluding the ANC from instituting disciplinary action against him.”

“So in this instance, let’s just hope we have a National Executive Committee (NEC) of the African National Congress that is confident enough [and that] will not back down from what is expected to be done, guided by its own constitution,” explains Kalaote.

Below is the full interview with Political analyst Raobaka Kalaote:

‘Magashule buying time’

Meanwhile, another political analyst Ralph Mathekga says Magashule, is likely buying time – by approaching the courts to mobilise the party’s branches against the recent decisions made by the ANC National Executive Committee (NEC).

“Once you bring in the courts, the ANC is losing control of this whole thing. The ANC is no longer an implementer, the ANC is now a party that has to respond to the way in which this policy has been formulated and so forth. It does buy him time to be in the political wonderland,” says Mathekga.

Video: Suspended ANC Secretary-General Ace Magashule takes ANC to court