ANC threatens to take Tshwane Speaker to court

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The African National Congress (ANC) has threatened to take Tshwane Speaker Katlego Mathebe to court after she dismissed the party’s request in council that the acting speaker’s appointment be rescinded.

Mathebe ruled that the ANC did not follow the proper rules and procedures and therefore, she could not allow their request to be debated in council.

The ANC and the Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) earlier tried to remove Mathebe through a show of hands, but did not succeed.

Deputy Chief Whip for the City of Tshwane Mpho Mehlape-Zimu says it seems the ANC is trying to remove Mathebe and the Acting Speaker by any means necessary to obtain power in the capital.

“History has taught us since December, it seems now our colleagues are trying to use any means necessary to remove the Speaker from office; any means except the correct means. What we are basically saying and (what) the Speaker has said is that follow proper procedure. What they have been doing is, they read sentence one and jump sentence two and read parts of sentence three, now it makes sense to them but if you read it in totality it has a totally different meaning.”