ANC supports Venezuelan president Nicholas Maduro: Zulu

Venezuela protesters
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ANC international relations subcommittee chairperson, Lindiwe Zulu says the ANC fully supports the government of Venezuelan president Nicholas Maduro in the wake of a leadership battle that has sparked the economic crisis in the country.

Maduro’s rival Juan Guaido had declared himself interim president following large protests.

Zulu says the ANC had sent a delegation to Venezuela to discuss the matter.

She says; “We believe as the ANC that any conflict that arises in a country, the citizens of the country, the government of the country, provided also that it is a government that was elected freely and fairly, that government must be given the opportunity and the people must be given an opportunity.”

“The ANC took a delegation to Venezuela to go and engage and see for itself what is happening on the ground. They came back and we still are behind the government of President Maduro,” adds Zulu.