ANC social transformation document must highlight priorities: Analyst

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Some of the pointers in the social transformation document of the African National Congress (ANC) need to be prioritised more than others. This is according to Policy Analyst NkosiKhulule Nyembezi. “The expectation is that the discussion must affirm the commitment of government and stakeholders in SA – that we need to do more to protect the vulnerable,” he says.

“How do we talk about the issue of the National Health Insurance (NHI), where health services are going to be made universally available without talking about the issue of comprehensive social security?” he asked.

Nyembezi says the policy needs to clarify the issue in a broader context of comprehensive social security. “Women who are doing work such as home-based care, who are looking after children who are not yet at school must get recognition. There are people in rural areas and farms who are doing exceptional work which government is supposed to be doing and are not being recognised for the work.”

Meanwhile, he also emphasised the fact that social grants need to be kept to make sure that those that are vulnerable are protected at every stage of their vulnerability.

“We are at time of economic uncertainties and there is a lot about shrinking of government revenue and it calls to question as to whether the government will continue with programmes in place – the expectation is that we’ll need confirmation that will be continuation,” he adds.

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