Political analyst Levy Ndou says the African National Congress (ANC) has to continue working hard to ensure that ordinary South Africans trust the party.

Ndou says the party should work hard on the ground to retain its liberation credentials.

“The ANC is associated with liberating South Africa, you will still have a lot of people who will not attend any rally, who will not attend any meeting but who always say for the mere fact that the ANC has made a difference in bringing democracy in South Africa, I will always associate with the ANC. It’s what the leadership of the ANC has to tackle in order to ensure that they maintain the support that they have and the confidence that they actually need from ordinary South Africans.”

Meanwhile,  Director of Research at the Mapungubwe Institute- Professor Susan Booysen  says the ANC’s decision to hold its 2019 election manifesto launch in KwaZulu-Natal is a strategic move.

ANC President Cyril Ramaphosa has spent the week in the province supported by several high ranking ANC officials, campaigning for the party and celebrating its 107th birthday.

Booysen says Zuma’s presence alongside Ramaphosa bodes well for unity within the party.

“Many people are very cynical as to the presented coziness between Zuma and Ramaphosa, and asking to what extent has Ramaphosa and his project been compromised by having to crate this unity within the ANC – so in a way it will be working to Ramaphosa’s advantage – if there is expression of discontent from particular constituencies there, it will also help, probably help getting more of the South African African public behind him.”