ANC should focus on building positive future for SA: Ramaphosa

President Ramaphosa
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African National Congress (ANC) President Cyril Ramaphosa has told party members as they begin drafting its Manifesto that it should be firmly focused on building a positive future for the people of South Africa.

The party is meeting in Irene in Pretoria on Monday, as it begins work for the 2019 general elections and how it plans to woo voters in their favour.

Activists, experts as well as opinion makers will form part of putting the document together.

Ramaphosa says this workshop will be able to set out a clear vision of where South Africa needs to be in the next five years.

He says the party wants to hear as many views as possible.

“We want to have an insight into the thoughts of the people who work daily in areas that are important to the development and the transformation of our country. We want our discussions to be informed by research, by data and by academic inquiry as well.”

“If we are to develop effective programs that build a society free of hunger, unemployment and inequality, conventional thinking needs to be challenged and existing programs needs to be thoroughly investigated,” he adds.