The widow of the late former National Chairperson of the SACP Joe Slovo, Helena Dolny has appealed to the ANC led government to create a conducive environment for white South Africans to participate in the country’s economy.

Dolny is among party members led by South African Communist Party (SACP) General Secretary Blade Nzimande attending the 25th anniversary since the passing of Joe Slovo.

She says many white South Africans are eager to be part of a democratic country.

Dolny says, “We more together than we are apart and I think in time in our history we will rebuild and find our new ways of going forward. But sometimes it’s difficult for white people to find how they are going to make their contributions to the economy and the country…”

“And we are more together than apart and so I really thank the communist party of South Africa for holding this occasion annually,” Dolny.