ANC representatives to be agents of social change: Policy Discussion

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ANC representatives are expected to be agents of change in order to drive social cohesion and nation building. That is according to Susan Shabangu and Nocawe Mafu.

The pair have addressed the media on the Social Transformation Commission resolutions at the 54th ANC National Conference earlier on Wednesday.

They say ANC representatives ought to be exemplary in their conduct in their families and in society.

It has also be resolved that ANC branches should take the lead in progammes of social cohesion.

The commission has reiterated the party’s commitment in fighting the scope of drug abuse and says ANC leaders should focus on issues of violence against women and children.

One of the strategies to foster social cohesion, according to the commission, requires that branches must work with stakeholders such as sports organisations, churches and other such community bodies to fight challenges facing their communities.

Shabangu says the commission confirmed a resolution that there must be decriminalisation of sex work.

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