ANC proposes a migration policy framework to improve the immigration system

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The African National Congress has acknowledged that not all undocumented migrants in the country have a place to call home, other than South Africa.

The governing party tabled its proposed migration policy framework at the 55th ANC Conference which ended earlier this week. Some of the proposed resolutions will make it difficult for foreign nationals to become citizens.

They include the tightening of the Immigration Act and a call on communities to report undocumented immigrants.

However, Calvin Ngoshi, a Zimbabwean immigrant living in South Africa, says he is not going anywhere if his country’s economic problems persist.

”If the elections are announced in favour of ZANU- PF, ANC will still have a Zimbabwean problem, whether you close the border and you say I do not have a passport, I must not come to South Africa. You will find me here because what is bringing me here is the economic problem.”

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