An investigation into a proposed media tribunal must happen, says ANC Communications commission chair, Jackson Mthembu. He was speaking to the media at the ANC’s National Conference underway in Gauteng.

While giving recognition to the work of the Press Freedom Commission on regulation of the print media, Mthembu said parliament must still consider all options in this regard.

The issue of migration from analogue to digital is another priority he said, and must be concluded by June 2019. Mthembu said the reputational damage caused by the delay in implementing the digital switch-over cannot be measured.

In the battle of ideas, Mthembu said it is imperative for all ANC members, at all levels, to have training in political communication.  He said the party must also more effectively use ICT instruments in internal communication methods. He said the ANC supports strides in implementing the white paper on ICTs, and is watching how government implements the outcomes, especially in respect of open access networks.

Mthembu said subscription television in South Africa is totally monopolised, and the party expects government to  speed up transformation in order to ensure that there are no barriers to entry, by black people in particular, to the paid television sector.

He confirmed that 60% local content quota for the public broadcaster would be increased to 70% over the next 5 years.

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