ANC owes it to itself to renew itself and keep its promises: Mbeki

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Former ANC President Thabo Mbeki says the governing party owes it to itself and the people of South Africa to renew itself. Mbeki was speaking at the ANC’s election campaign trail today in the Moses Mabhida region in KwaZulu-Natal.

Mbeki says the renewal of the party is of utmost importance.

“I’ve said so to the leadership of the ANC that, really we have to. It’s not an obligation we owe to any party line, we owe it to the people. We owe it even to the ANC itself. We can’t betray the ANC by doing wrong things. I’ve spoken to the leadership and they know my view,” says Mbeki.

“I’ve been insisting that the question of the renewal of the ANC is critical to make sure that the ANC becomes of the kind that I’m talking about. And the leadership of the ANC has not said to me shut up. They said we have to do this thing and they said ‘Please, go and campaign’.”

Mbeki also says the governing party must live up to the promises it makes to the people of South Africa.

His comments come amid service delivery challenges in the region that include water interruptions, crime and load shedding.

“So, we must make sure that people regain that confidence. So, if we say that we are going to solve the water problems, then let’s solve it. If we are going to solve the energy problem then let’s solve it. So that this instrument, this ANC, must be an instrument of that kind. And it’s the responsibility of people like myself who are old now, not looking for positions, to make sure that the ANC does live up to its image, otherwise its problems won’t be solved.”

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