ANC NW list conference ends in chaos

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Violent confrontations broke out at a list conference venue of the ANC, where registration and verification process were taking place in Potchefstroom, in the North West, on Monday.

Several delegates were injured and one person was hospitalised with stab wounds.

The verification and registration processes, scheduled to start Monday morning, were delayed into the evening. Violent scenes played out when delegates forced their way into the venue, where members of the Provincial Task Team were administering the process.

Some delegates are accusing the Provincial Task Team of manipulating the list and rigging branch representation.

“We do not have delegates, how is this person here? Somehow this conference is not okay, there’s sabotage, there’s fraud; they are taking our membership out of the files. I have copies, there’s no delegation here because they could not do a rerun.”

Some party members, aligned to former chairperson Supra Mahumapelo, have already approached the party General Secretary, Ace Magashule, to reject registration list.

Lopang Rothman, the leader of the disgruntled group, says that their issues need to be urgently attended to.

“There are issues that need to be attended to, disputes that are not attended to, branches that are not verified. That is why we see the fight and everybody is screaming at each other. There are issues that need to be sorted out, why the hurry?”

Alliance partners, Cosatu, the SACP and Sanco accuse members of the Provincial Task Team of positioning themselves, instead of running the process.

This as some appear higher on the list than others. These include provincial coordinator, Keenetswe Mosenogi who is number one on the list.

SANCO’s provincial secretary, Packet Seaketso, says the Task Team did not do things the right way.

“The coordinator of the PTT is number one and the question is how popular is she, and which branches elected her? We are saying things were not done right, we are saying this PTT is worse that the disbanded PEC.

Cosatu’s Job Dliso says that they are disappointed in how the Task Team handled the matter.

“Very disappointed how this PTT is handling ANC matters, one person is injured. The list that is on social media is not representing what the branches have said.”

Meanwhile, PPT spokesperson Kabelo Mataboge, refuted these claims.

“Most regions are on their way, we are running a multi process; the first process is to deal with verification. We are now dealing with appeals that might have come from regions. Unfortunately, we do not know the concerns of the alliance; they are part of the list committee so it would surprising that there are issues coming from the alliance.”

Police were called to quell the situation. Given the current violence and unresolved disputes, it remains to be seen whether the conference will continue as planned.

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